Veterinary Team Brief to Feature Benchmarks Data

Veterinary Team Brief Partners with WTA Veterinary Consultants to Link Benchmark Data From Well-Managed Practices With Proven Best Practices

TULSA, OKLAHOMAVeterinary Team Brief, Brief Media's peer-reviewed veterinary business, wellness, and team-based medicine journal, has partnered with WTA Veterinary Consultants ( to provide veterinary teams with powerful data that will help veterinary professionals deliver better medicine, generate greater revenue, and champion professional well-being.

For each issue in 2017, Veterinary Team Brief will incorporate valuable insights in the areas of management, finance, and practice operation from the latest iteration of Benchmarks: A Study of Well-Managed Practices. Veterinary teams will be able to explore real-world, data-backed applications from the Benchmarks Study alongside expert tips and strategies in the practical, peer-reviewed articles Veterinary Team Brief readers know and love. Access to this information is crucial for veterinary professionals striving to practice better medicine, build strong working relationships with clients, and improve their work-life balance.

"Whereas our flagship brand, Clinician's Brief, is an industry-leading resource for providing veterinarians with best medicine, this new partnership will provide real data to signify the impact for hospitals that implement these best practices highlighted in Veterinary Team Brief," says Elizabeth Green, CEO and founder of Brief Media. "The Benchmarks Study has long been a valuable industry standard for veterinary hospitals and their teams who strive for excellence."

For more than 30 years, WTA Veterinary Consultants has studied 100 of the best veterinary practices across the United States to gain insight into their success and determine what key decisions these Well-Managed Practices® make to continue to grow and thrive. The resulting Benchmarks Study, published annually, differs from across-the-board industry averages, which include data from practices of varying financial success, by providing insights into business best practices.

"These are the best benchmarks from well-managed practices, reviewed and edited by industry experts in practice management and reinforced by hard data," says Denise Tumblin, president and owner of WTA Veterinary Consultants and Veterinary Team Brief advisory board member. "Our collaboration with the esteemed Veterinary Team Brief will allow us to deliver the most reliable, gold-standard veterinary practice benchmarks in the profession."

About WTA Veterinary Consultants

WTA Veterinary Consultants (WTA)—author of the annual Well-Managed Practice® Benchmarks Study—is a trusted management, valuation, and transition services provider serving veterinarians across the United States. WTA's holistic approach to improving veterinary practices begins with a conversation and a thorough financial examination in order to truly understand growth and improvement opportunities and to provide a roadmap for veterinary practice success. WTA's goal is for all veterinarians and practice team members to have enough: enough personal time; enough time for family and friends; enough work to stay busy and satisfied and to keep the bills comfortably paid; enough time for study and learning; and enough time for meditation and spirituality.