Veterinary Team Brief Expands Opportunities with NAVC Partnership

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—Veterinary Team Brief, published by Brief Media, is now a publication of the North American Veterinary Community (NAVC). Veterinary Team Brief is a peer-reviewed journal that delivers practical skills for team-based, small animal medicine through clinical and business features.

Veterinary Team Brief is the only publication targeted toward everyone on the practice team, including veterinarians, practice managers, veterinary assistants, veterinary technicians, and receptionists, and in 2013 was rated the #1 educational resource for the entire team by small animal veterinarians,* making it the best vehicle for reaching every decision maker in the practice. By reaching all influential team members, Veterinary Team Brief provides the opportunity to engage and inform everyone in the practice.

“The NAVC is very excited to team up with Veterinary Team Brief,” says Thomas M. Bohn, CEO of the NAVC. “Our community already finds tremendous value in Veterinary Team Brief, and this partnership will only extend the amount of leading-edge information we share with the entire veterinary healthcare team.”

Veterinary Team Brief is the fastest-growing publication in veterinary medicine,** reaching more than 60,000 print readers and attracting more than 87,000 visitors to its website each month. In response to a 100% increase in subscription requests and a 141% increase in website visitors in 2013, the formerly bimonthly journal will now be published 10 times per year.

Led by an editorial team with backgrounds in clinical medicine, practice management, and psychology, Veterinary Team Brief adapts and applies leadership and communication training to veterinary medicine. “Veterinary teams are often challenged with balancing patient care, client service, team relations, and practice health,” says Deborah Stone, MBA, CVPM, Veterinary Team Brief’s Veterinary Practice Advisor. “Veterinary Team Brief consistently strives to help teams realize this healthy balance and make their goals a reality.”

With this new partnership, Veterinary Team Brief will welcome representation from the NAVC on its Advisory Board. Further, this collaboration will allow Veterinary Team Brief and the NAVC to accomplish their shared mission of providing tools for better care and personal job fulfillment to all members of the veterinary healthcare community.

About Brief Media
Brief Media, an Educational Concepts Company, is a trusted publisher of educational information to veterinary practitioners and their staff and is a valued resource to veterinary marketers. The company's flagship publication, Clinician’s Brief, is the official publication of the NAVC, with which Brief Media is also a partner. Clinician’s Brief provides practical, clinical information for small animal veterinarians. Its second addition to veterinary literature, Veterinary Team Brief, is a unique from-the-trenches veterinary leadership journal that focuses on implementation of medicine through exceptional communication and professional skills.

* 2013 Essential Media Study
** December 2012 and June 2013 BPA Circulation Statements