New Brand Launched: Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—Clinician's Brief, the official publication of the NAVC, has launched Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief journal. The first issue of the journal was delivered with the September issue of Clinician’s Brief

Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief combines solid pharmacology with real-world, clinical applications, providing an unparalleled therapeutics resource for veterinarians. The editors in chief are leading names in veterinary clinical pharmacology: Donald C. Plumb, PharmD, and Lauren A. Trepanier, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP. The peer-reviewed content, coupled with Clinician’s Brief signature Brief format, creates the concise clinical information veterinarians crave. 

The newly launched journal will be published once more this year, in November, and then six times in 2015. It will be delivered with Clinician’s Brief to an audience of 65,000, the largest circulation of small animal veterinarians. Additionally, all information will be available on the Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief website to those who create an online account.

One of the notable peer-reviewed features in the journal is the column Red Light, Green Light. Each column gives an example of a real-world scenario in which the reader chooses which drug can be safely administered, which drug can be sometimes administered, and which drug should not be administered in a clinical situation. Online, this feature serves as an interactive tool to test the reader’s knowledge of the use of various drugs. 

Another important peer-reviewed column, Management Tree, features key therapeutics flow charts that provide a quickly accessible, easy-to-follow learning tool reflective of the popular Clinician’s Brief algorithms, offering a treatment-based focus. This feature is also accessible online through desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and is fully responsive. 

Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief also includes Therapeutics News, a unique feature that will highlight and discuss in detail a current topic most relevant to veterinarians in their day-to-day practice. The topics will include label changes, dose alterations, recalls, and many other updates to different drugs, biologics, nutraceuticals and prescription pet foods on the market. Therapeutics News will be reported through the Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief website, social media channels, biweekly newsletter and journal. The first installment is set to launch in the November issue of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief.

The first edition of the biweekly digital newsletter was released September 17. Each newsletter will highlight various articles and topics from the bimonthly journal. 

The next issue of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief will be released November 2014 and will continue to be delivered as a supplement to Clinician’s Brief