Clinician’s Brief Partners With Dr. Donald Plumb For New journal

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—Clinician's Brief, the official publication of the NAVC, is excited to announce its partnership with Dr. Donald Plumb in the creation of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief.


Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief is Brief Media’s newest educational tool, providing the same reputable peer-reviewed clinical information with a sole focus on therapeutics. The publication will be co-edited by the leading names in veterinary drugs: Donald Plumb, PharmD, and Lauren Trepanier, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, DACVCP.  Written by trusted experts, it couples the signature Brief format with information derived from the most trusted and useful formulary in veterinary medicine.


The creators of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief hope to provide practitioners a brief but informative reference to assist in the continuing education and development of the art of therapeutics in every practice. By educating veterinarians about the most progressive treatment options, informing them of all the facets of the drugs they are selecting, and providing multiple platforms to access this information, Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief will be a new and distinct, cutting-edge veterinary treatment education tool.


The first print issue will be released in September 2014 and will be published bi-monthly with bi-weekly digital newsletters. All of the information found in the journal will be accessible online by subscribers. The website will feature interactive and responsive articles enabling veterinarians to test their knowledge as they learn.


Each issue of the journal will consist of six focuses:


Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief will focus on providing veterinarians drug information to help make the best treatment decisions.