Brief Media's Account Services Initiatives Get Personal for Advertisers and Readers

TULSA, OKLAHOMA—Brief Media, publisher of Clinician's Brief, Veterinary Team Brief, and Plumb's Therapeutics Brief, has named Kim Keller as its Vice President of Account Services.

Keller, a spearhead of the digital advertising movement, comes to Brief Media from GTxcel and has extensive experience in B2B publishing and management. He previously worked at McGraw Hill, where he led an initiative that increased advertising renewal rates from 50% to 90%. Keller's experience working with numerous publishers has given him a profound understanding of industry needs.

Keller aims to focus the team on creating programs that not only work for advertisers but also lead to measurable results that promote Brief Media's emphasis on education.

"I don't want to just run ads. I want to make sure our approach really works for the advertiser," Keller says. "I don't believe that advertising is a substitute for content; I believe that advertising—done correctly—can have a highly educational aspect and performs a very useful service. I am especially excited about the several new and impactful technologies we are employing on the digital front. With our new tools, we can go far beyond just delivering an impression. Whether a reader accesses our brands from a mobile device, tablet, or desktop, our advertising programs are designed to engage, educate, and deliver measurable results for our advertisers. Through the use of Parallax design, native advertising, interactive video, and social networks, we will connect our advertisers to our readers in new and innovative ways. Then we will reconnect advertisers and readers time and time again through our extensive OnPoint database."

Keller emphasizes: "We are taking the science of advertising to entirely new levels."

Other changes within the Account Services team include the naming of Joanna Lundberg as Advertising Director. Lundberg will lead the team of Account Managers in their efforts to drive advertising sales and serve clients through the development of new, innovative products and a more versatile custom media division.

Lundberg was previously the Account Director of Wired magazine at Condé Nast, where she developed creative media programs and marketing platforms for consumer electronic and travel clients. Lundberg also has experience in custom media and strategic media plan development—she led a team that assisted clients with advertising programs, namely content series and the development of new video concepts as part of large multimedia partnerships.

Lundberg looks forward to bringing her experience with mass consumer campaigns to the B2B industry.

Kristen Holder, formerly Director of Account Services, will advance to the newly created role of Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development. Holder will be focusing on creating new digital revenue streams with the company's new technology product line. She will also oversee sales of Brief Media's newly launched app Plumb's Veterinary Drugs, an indispensable tool for any pharmacy dispensing veterinary drugs.