Software Engineer

We’re seeking a Full Stack Web Developer with a diverse skill set. Our core technology product is a CMS that has been built to the specific needs of our niche market. At its core, the CMS architecture is based on REST APIs using Python.

An ideal candidate is experienced in developing dynamic websites with demonstrable history in all technical aspects of web development (front and back end, server, database, CI, etc). We're a small team, so we're looking for someone who is comfortable making and taking ownership over big technical projects. The ability to work both collaboratively and autonomously is paramount to success in our environment of creative challenge.

Tulsa, Oklahoma or remote
Key Responsibilities: 
  • Maintaining and improving our technology product (a CMS based on popular/ PHP/Python frameworks) through deep feature development, refactoring, and optimization.

  • Maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing our hosting environment (multiple dedicated Linux servers, and load balanced).

  • Collaborating with our Director of Technology on building the next generation of our product scaling REST APIs.

  • Programmatically migrating large amounts of data from one database structure to another.

Skills & Qualifications: 


  • JavaScript/ES6 (advanced)

  • Python (advanced)

  • MySQL (advanced)

  • Linux/Ubuntu (strong)

  • GIT (strong)

  • Technical Documentation (strong)



  • Continuous Integration (strongly desired)

  • PHP (strongly desired)

  • Elasticsearch (strongly desired)

  • Docker (strongly desired)

  • Drupal 8 (desired)

Values Inherent to Success in the Position: 

First and foremost, Brief Media is a team comprised of individuals who value, embrace and treasure pets. They cognitively see the world as a better place when animals are in it and recognize the human:animal bond as one that provides immeasurable benefits to people and pets alike.

PASSION: We have passion for WHAT we do because we unequivocally believe in the WHY. Our people are energetic, spirited, with fire in their souls.  

INTEGRITY: With strong moral compasses to guide them, our team chooses to do what’s right for the profession, for the company, for our clients, for each other and for themselves…even when no one is watching.
IMPROVING, ALWAYS: We believe in challenging conventional thinking in order to make it better. Our team strives for transformative innovation: every product, every process, every person, every day.
GO THE EXTRA MILE: Our best quality and effort isn’t what comes easy. It is that which requires drive, commitment, sheer willpower…and then, just a little bit more.
VERSATILITY: We not only like change, we embrace it by regularly adapting our skill sets in order to lead innovation in the veterinary profession.
TEAMWORK: We are one team with one purpose, one vision, one focus, one goal.
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