Sales Assistant

The Sales Assistant is a key member of the Revenue Development team and will work directly with the Senior Strategic Account Directors to assist with day-to-day responsibilities.  They will also work with the Chief Revenue Officer and Revenue Operations Directorto assist as necessary.


Job Summary 

The focus of the Sales Assistant role is helping the Revenue Development team provide excellent customer service to our clients, providing support to the Senior Strategic Account Directors and assisting with execution of advertising deliverables for all standard print and digital campaigns. Required expectations are to maintain consistent attention to detail in program deliverables and timelines, professional and timely communication with clients, vendors, and other internal departments, in-depth knowledge and differentiating factors of all Brief Media product lines, understand each Account Directors specific territory (including parent companies, brands and brand managers, agency contacts, product lines, etc.), become fluent in all necessary software programs and functions and proactively seek to improve processes and provide solutions.

Tulsa, Oklahoma
Key Responsibilities: 

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide administrative support to all Senior Strategic Account Directors, to include:
    • Proposal order entry
    • Management of Magazine Manager and Salesforce (customer contact list, comp lists, rate cards, products, building contact groups, building custom reports, etc.)
    • Management of specialty print quote requests and production reports (QuadGraphics)
    • Competitive reporting analysis, as needed (IMS)
    • High-level audience list data pulling, as needed (Omeda)
  • Provide post-sale coordination of all orders, to include:
    • Order conversion
    • Inventory reservation on necessary availability calendars
    • Print and digital creative reminders and collection
    • Print and digital ad lists for all products
    • Trafficking of all creative elements to proper people/systems
    • Invoicing requirements as needed
  • Provide post-sale customer service to all clients, to include:
    • Spec requests
    • Due date timelines
    • Print and digital creative asset collection
    • Invoicing questions
    • Other client requests as needed
Skills & Qualifications: 
  • Bachelor's degree preferred, with specialization in business, analytics, marketing
  • 2+ years of relevant work experience
  • Experience working with Microsoft Office Suite, G Suite, and Salesforce
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to identify customer needs and potential solutions
Values Inherent to Success in the Position: 

First and foremost, Brief Media is a team comprised of individuals who value, embrace, and treasure pets. They cognitively see the world as a better place when animals are in it and recognize the human–animal bond as one that provides immeasurable benefits to people and pets alike. 


PASSION: We have passion for WHAT we do because we unequivocally believe in the WHY. Our people are energetic and spirited, with fire in their souls. 


DO THE RIGHT THING: With strong moral compasses to guide them, our team chooses to do what’s right for the profession, for the company, for our clients, for each other, and for themselves—even when no one is watching.


IMPROVING, ALWAYS: We believe in challenging conventional thinking in order to make it better. Our team strives for transformative innovation: every product, every process, every person, every day.


GO THE EXTRA MILE: Our best quality and effort isn’t what comes easy. It is that which requires drive, commitment, and then, just a little bit more.


HUMILITY: We are a check-your-ego-at-the-door organization where each and every person’s opinion and perspective matters. We listen. To our audience. To our authors. To our clients. To each other.


TEAMWORK: We are one team with one purpose, one vision, one focus, one goal.

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