Freelance Veterinary Editor, Marketing Services

The core responsibilities of the Veterinary Editor, Marketing Services, are founded in maintaining the integrity, practicality, and medical acuity of content produced in partnership with sponsors. 

The incumbent must be a veterinarian (ideally, in active practice) with experience in and passion for effective promotional and educational materials. This role excels in written, verbal, and in-person exchanges with Brief Media and partnering agencies and clients. This role is responsible for the medical soundness of custom projects ranging in scope; the incumbent will participate in the development of materials as small as short-form native and as big as large-scale educational packages.

Brief Media embraces a dynamic work culture that champions passion, versatility, teamwork, and going the extra mile. Writers and editors thrive in an environment of creative challenge under tight deadlines.
This is a contract position, up to 16 hours per week.
Tulsa, OK or remote
Key Responsibilities: 
  • Research, brainstorm, and recommend content titles, balancing sponsor communication objectives and general practitioner interest. 

  • Participate in sales calls, as appropriate, to garner a better sense of client needs and project objectives. 

  • Review materials (including long-form manuscripts, outlines, and short-form copy) for medical accuracy and relevancy; offer insight on how to improve materials to appeal to veterinarians. 

  • Mediate feedback from external reviewers (namely clients and agencies), editors, and writers, always with the goal to find solutions that can bring internal and external teams to better understandings of each other’s objectives.

  • Participate in internal and external calls to coordinate effective and timely production of sponsored content. 

  • Write clear, compelling copy as needed. 

  • Work in varying levels of assignment scope; assignments may be as short as one-off email reviews or as long as multi-month engagement series.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in a variety of therapeutic or clinical condition categories.

  • Communicate effectively and frequently with revenue and content teams at Brief Media.

Skills & Qualifications: 
  • DVM or VMD from accredited institution

  • Background or proficiency in writing for business and/or marketing 

  • 3+ years of professional writing experience within the veterinary community  

  • Demonstrated ability to write a variety of materials 

  • Current or recent (within the last year) experience in clinical practice (general practice, emergency, or specialty setting) 

Values Inherent to Success in the Position: 

First and foremost, Brief Media is a team comprised of individuals who value, embrace and treasure pets. They cognitively see the world as a better place when animals are in it and recognize the human:animal bond as one that provides immeasurable benefits to people and pets alike. 

PASSIONWe have passion for WHAT we do because we unequivocally believe in the WHY. Our people are energetic, spirited, with fire in their souls.  

INTEGRITYWith strong moral compasses to guide them, our team chooses to do what’s right for the profession, for the company, for our clients, for each other and for themselves…even when no one is watching. 

IMPROVING, ALWAYSWe believe in challenging conventional thinking in order to make it better. Our team strives for transformative innovation: every product, every process, every person, every day. 

GO THE EXTRA MILE: Our best quality and effort isn’t what comes easy. It is that which requires drive, commitment, sheer willpower…and then, just a little bit more. 

VERSATILITY: We not only like change, we embrace it by regularly adapting our skill sets in order to lead innovation in the veterinary profession. 

TEAMWORK: We are one team with one purpose, one vision, one focus, one goal.

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