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Our mission is to provide small animal veterinary teams the tools they need to develop successful practices, build lasting client relationships, and deliver gold-standard patient care.

In 2001, Elizabeth Green, John O'Brien, and Antoinette Passaretti made a decision that would change the veterinary publishing industry forever.

They agreed that current educational literature was too lengthy and time-consuming for the busy, everyday practitioner. Veterinarians' desks were stacked with journals they never had time to read.

As a solution to this problem, Green, O'Brien, and Passaretti created Clinician's Brief, a journal that provided veterinarians the information they wanted in the format they needed—brief.

The first issue of Clinician's Brief was published in November 2002. Its concise format solidified the journal as the leader in the veterinary industry in just 4 years, a position it continues to maintain today.

In January 2013, the first issue of Veterinary Team Brief was delivered to practice mailboxes. Its quick popularity has made it the fastest-growing publication in the industry.

The inaugural issue of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief was published in September 2014 and mailed to subscribers as a supplement to Clinician’s Brief. For the first time, veterinarians have access to a resource that is focused exclusively on real-world applications of veterinary drugs in clinical practice, with leading names in therapeutics and pharmacology, Drs. Donald C. Plumb and Lauren A. Trepanier, serving as editors in chief.

In January 2015, Brief Media expanded its partnership with Donald C. Plumb, PharmD, releasing Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs, the industry’s new official digital resource for accessing up-to-date veterinary drug information.

Today, Brief Media reaches veterinary professionals, both domestic and global, via multiple touch points and across all devices. Each Brief Media brand—Clinician's Brief, Veterinary Team Brief, Plumb's Therapeutics Brief, and Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs—helps small animal veterinarians and their teams expand their skills, educate themselves on clinical topics of interest, and engage with content anytime, anywhere.

Ranked #1 Most Essential Publication by Small Animal Veterinarians1

Clinician's Brief has been providing small animal practitioners and their teams with practical, relevant information on the latest topics in veterinary medicine for more than a decade.

With peer-reviewed articles, diagnostic and treatment algorithms, and capsules, Clinician’s Brief allows practitioners to continue and expand their veterinary education and knowledge.

Practitioners may subscribe for free2 to the print edition of Clinician’s Brief, delivered by mail. Subscriptions to the digital edition, delivered by email, are also free.

In addition, practitioners can access Clinician’s Brief anytime, anywhere—on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

1 2014 Essential Media Study
2 for qualified recipients
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#1 Educational Resource for the Entire Team3

Veterinary Team Brief delivers practical skills for team-based medicine. Small animal veterinarians have rated it as the #1 educational resource for the entire team.3

Veterinary Team Brief provides solutions to the challenges veterinary professionals face in everyday practice—with concise, peer-reviewed articles that focus on day-to-day clinical strategies, client communication and compliance, and hands-on practice policies.

Veterinary Team Brief can be viewed anytime, anywhere—on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices.

3 2014 Essential Media Study
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The Most Up-to-Date Plumb’s Ever

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs is the industry’s new official digital resource for accessing up-to-date veterinary drug information. Released in January 2015, it was created from the latest (8th) edition of the most trusted and reliable veterinary drug resource, Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook. The new Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs provides busy veterinary professionals with streamlined dosing information that reflects the latest evidence-based recommendations combined with the clinical expertise that uniquely defines Plumb’s.

With an optimized design for easy accessibility on the tablet, smartphone, and computer, Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs provides veterinary teams with an easy-to-use digital resource to keep their practice on the cutting edge and help them deliver gold-standard patient care.

Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs signifies an innovative partnership between Brief Media and Donald C. Plumb, PharmD, who is the author of Plumb’s Veterinary Drug Handbook, editor-in-chief of Plumb’s Therapeutics Brief, and the veterinary mind behind Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs. The combination of Brief Media and Dr. Plumb’s incredible and highly trusted pharmacology expertise has propelled Plumb’s Veterinary Drugs to serve as the world’s most complete animal drug resource on a modern digital platform.

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We expanded our international reach for our advertisers through our partnership with the World Small Animal Veterinary Association, which serves 180,000 small animal veterinary professional members. With a collective goal of improving the quality of small animal care worldwide, we launched the global edition of Clinician’s Brief, providing more educational resources to practitioners around the world.

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